Monday, January 31, 2011

AirTran Airways may move headquarters out of Orlando

Last year, AirTran announced that it would create some 121 new jobs at the new System Operations Control Center headquartered at Orlando International Airport.

Orlando Aviation Authority invested some $1.7 million in the new construction quid pro quo for the expected jobs created by the iconic giant.

Prior to the deal being closed with Southwest, some 500 employees housed in Atlanta would have relocated to Orlando including 252 customer service agents, 100 pilots, 80 mechanics, and 140 flight attendants.

AirTran's fourth quarter and annual profits were down significantly from the same time last year. Down 88% or $17 million in profit the same to a year ago, the beleaguered airlines earned just $1.9 million in the last quarter.

In the wake of the closing proposal with Southwest Airlines, albeit the airlines capacity continues to grow in Orlando, there appears to be no new offer made for OIA.

Albeit, the airlines rang in 7.9% profit, prices will probably increase in Orlando provoked by higher fuel costs due to an unusually severe winter costing some $4.4 million.

Even though the airlines has an outstanding year of great performance and customer service in Orlando, the bottom line is still shrinking.

As Milwaukee's busiest airlines, AirTran revenue for 2010 was an estimated $38 million.

Meanwhile, Orlando officials at OIA continue chatting with Southwest leaders as to the prospects of continued growth in Orlando after the merger is complete.

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