Monday, January 24, 2011

A banner year for Universal Orlando

Fourth quarter banner checks handed out to employees

A banner year for Universal Studios that boasted some 11 million in attendance for 2010. Thanks to the unrivaled success of Harry Potter, the fourth quarter attendance was the highest in the history of the #2 theme-park in Orlando.

Connecticut-based General Electric was please to report that Universal Studios, who experienced double-digit increase in attendance, had a record year in 2010. Universal's spolesman Tom Schroder, back the report by indicating that he was well pleased with the enthusuasm of theme-park guests.

Wildly successful Potter, with some $200 million of restaurants, shops and rides, drawing enormous crowds, produced a banner year generating bonus checks for thousands of gleeful cast members.

With J. K. Rowling's 7th final adventure film series of Harry Potter, the "Deathly Hallows", two full-length parts, Part 1 released last November, 2010, it looks like Universal Orlando will be able to sustain it's success into 2011.

Universal will hope to capitalize on the last and final adventure of Harry Potter, due to be released in July, 2011.

Even after the NBC Universal entertainment mogul reported 9% revenue growth in addition to 80% operating profit, controlling interest for GE's film & park business may soon be sold to Comcast.

Not only did Universal fill it's coffer last quarter but the overflow has spilled over the gates of the wildly-exciting theme-park to other Orlando-area businesses that have also reported a stellar year.

Hotels close to Universal out-performed previous fourth quarters in almost a decade with attendance increasing to 11.9%. Expect to pay an increase of 10.9% in room rates for Orlando-area hotels along side International Drive.

With the sustained success of both King Kong and Potter, other theme parks have experienced guests being siphoned off a little at a time to experience the magic of the boy wizord.

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