Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fantasy Of Flight

Aircraft Museum

We aren’t really ones to vacation often, but when we do we tend to do things by the book. So when we made our Disney vacation this year we decided that it was in our best interest to pack entertainment into every square inch of the time we had in Florida. So before we came we decided to look into local attractions that would be affordable for the last day we were here when we came across the Fantasy of Flight museum.

Our first impression was that we would get to see a few planes and maybe some medals from war heroes. But instead we found something just as enjoyable as the theme parks. The tour guide told us that this was a small aircraft museum but to me it was the biggest I had ever seen. You could actually enter some of the aircraft that were there, even sit in the cock pit of a few. The tour guide proceeded to tell us that the museum was constantly expanding as new features were added every day.
We were really impressed with the planes, they even had us jump out of the back of one as if we were sky diving. They had planes from both World War II and World War II, something I never had seen before.
The Fantasy of Flight Museum was really fun and entertaining, and I was glad because it was educational for my kids. Since they are constantly expanding we hope to visit next year during our vacation, the guide said they would probably have more stuff to show us.

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