Friday, January 28, 2011

Gatorland's new zipline experience

Zipping above the tree-line, wild animal encounters, 40 feet above man-eating crocs, is not for the faint-hearted.

Let Gatorland transport you through a first-time-ever view of the alligators breeding marsh.

Elevated to maximum height of 75 feet, thrill-seeks will love the adrenaline rush down the zipline.

Since 1949, Gatorland has been merging two world's, gator's and humans, where visitors can get upclose and personal with the parks residents.

But during all these years, park officials discovered that something was missing from the experience. Albeit, other zip lines parks expose visitors to all the marvels of nature, one thing there are missing, animals.

Gatorland offers all that an more, riders will cross the crocodile exhibit, zip over the jumping Cuban crocodiles, fly over the Nile crocodiles and then culminates through pine trees at the end of the breeding marsh.

Boasting some of the best ecological assets anywhere, Gatorland feels the new zipline is a sweet deal.

For years, one element has been missing from the theme-park, teens, but Gatorland is putting some of the thrill back into one of the oldest theme-parks in Florida.

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