Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular

We came down from Baltimore in New Jersey to Orlando to enjoy the theme parks over the week. We ended up purchasing a Seven Day Base Ticket so we could spend a whole day at each park, and then go back to our favorite ones for the last day. However, the entire time we were there one attraction stood out to us in the Hollywood Studios theme park, something that will get us to come back next year.

When we got in our seats at the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Show Spectacular we pretty much assumed we would be seeing a little show about Indiana Jones. I mean how can you bring the incredible stunts and action of the movies to a stage? Well our expectations were shattered when we saw the jaw dropping size of the stage, I mean this thing is massive. The set was an underground temple, complete with a variety of traps and of course a golden treasure…

Indiana suddenly drops through the ceiling dangling from a rope. He slides to the ground where spears launch up from the floor in an attempt to stab him. He narrowly dodges them all then runs up some stairs only to fall into a pit. He is narrowly saved when he grabs onto some vines and pulls himself up. Next he dodges some statues holding axes above their heads and makes his way to the treasure. After grabbing it a giant bolder bursts through the wall behind him and chases him down, where he falls underneath it.

Somebody yells “Cut!” and suddenly there is screaming and people run from everywhere to make sure he is ok. He pops up and gives the signal that he is fine then they break the set apart and show you just how all the stunts are done. This is only one of the three scenes they show and explain to you. They even have an instructional part where they show you how the action or fighting sequences are done!

We really enjoyed this; in fact the only souvenirs my kids wanted before leaving was Indiana Jones whip! This is defiantly our favorite, just an awesome show!

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