Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Seaworld poised to re-open "Dining With Shamu"

Dinner review was very lucrative for the brand.

Nearly a year ago, the show receiving raving reviews, "Dine with Shamu", is scheduled to restart again. Dine with Shamu, featuring the star of the show Shamu, will have limited admission performance in the wake of Dawn Brancheau's death almost a year ago.

Starting on Feb 26, guests will enjoy a scrumptous buffet meal of choice cuts, fresh fruit, vegetables, rice, fruit salad, beef tips, Chicken Florentine, carved turkey, desserts, and chocolate cake while watching experts train their killer whales.

Seaworld's popular show by demand, showcasing killer whales, featuring a viewing area, was left in limbo after Feb 24, when the unfortunate accident happen to SeaWorld's best trainer during the training of the six-ton whale Tilikum.

Meanwhile, Seaworld is in the battle of the century with the U.S. Occupational Safety Dept. that has fined the company some $75,000. Animal rights advocates believe that trainers believe the killer whales like Tilikum should not be in captivity.

On the flip shide, Dining with Shamu, an amazing experience, will be making changes to the show areas in preparation for an unbridled performance. Guests in the dining area will have to enjoy the performance through a special glass among other changes.

It's possible that some time in the future Tilikum will be used in the show again.

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