Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Visit to Medieval Times

Live Jousting!

 We live in the Orlando area and it has been awhile since we have done any of the attractions. In fact we have never done any of the dinner shows, so we decided that as a family we would go check them out. We decided to hit up Medieval Times because we all had an interest in their jousting matches. So we set plans and decided to go during a week day to ensure we got good seats, we made the assumption that they are probably packed on the weekends.

Now when it comes to my big family of nine we are always looking for the cheapest prices, whether its coupons or codes we always get the best deal. Well when we were searching online for discounts, coupons and codes we came across a discount ticket dealer, and wouldn’t you know it they were located right across the street from Medieval Times in Kissimmee! We picked up our tickets and they told us that we should head right over, an hour early so we could get good seats.

The greatest part is that we assumed we would be sitting around for an hour waiting for the show, but instead there was a bundle of things to do! Outside they have several buildings that look like they are from the medieval era, inside is a bunch of cool items and hand made tools! They even have a torture chamber that made me cringe when they explained what the items were used for.

When the show started we were served fantastic food, the only weird thing is there is no silverware. They want to make it as authentic as possible so they serve you fantastic food, but you gotta eat it with your hands. During this great meal down in front of you a tournament is going on. Knights from “the kingdom” joust and enact sports; the even had duels with medieval weapons down in the arena.

We really enjoyed it, the food was fantastic, the show was awesome and the kids absolutely loved it. We will definitely be bringing company that visit from up north back to here, it was great!

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