Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Wild Africa Trek

Be dangled some 15 to 20 feet above hippos

Behind the scenes, the ultimate backstage tour, just feet above man-eating crocodiles, adrenaline-pumping close encounters, all describe The Wild Africa Trek experience at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Not an experience for the faint-hearted, in fact, guests must be 8 years and older to qualify and no flip flops allowed.

From the safari trail to the surreal, blending the imagination with the impossible, Disney transports unexpecting guests to an unheard-of-location backstage that one could only dream of, hold your breath, there is not place for acrophobia here.

With a price of $129, group of 12 maximum, guests really feel special on this one-of-a-kind adventure directly through Savanna forest of Africa.

Watch the safari vehicles rumble beneath your feet, but first, guests are shuffled to a secluded spot, "Dawa Bar" to get outfitted in a special jacket equipped with a harness and the only thing allowed is your camera.

"Let's roll", shouts the tour guide. Challenge your skills and agility with a host of surprises including stairs, hanging rope bridge, challenging obstacles, thick branches, tight quarters, inclines, and much more.

As the rough torrain opens, The Bonna Landing comes into view, smack dab in the middle of the Savanna, lunch is being served with breathtaking close encounters, view giraffes, gazzelles and elephants all frolicking in their own natural habitat.

But that's not all, Disney has over-the-top plans for expansion to expose thrill-seekers to get upclose and personal with wild lions. For about 30-minutes, dare to enter the real Savanna, it's so wild you'll forget that you're in Florida.

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