Monday, February 14, 2011

Disney visits maternity wards

Disney new baby bodysuits
In a new bid to influence children at a younger age, Disney is sending contracted representatives to maternity wards to dole out new cuddly bodysuits for babies.

Nothing new of coarse, this type of strategy was deployed to the internet in previous years to expand it's audience, but now, Disney is taking it's campaign to a whole new level.

With hospital visits, moms will intereact directly with a representative that will present the new Disney Cuddly Bodysuit that adjusts as the baby grows.

Having access to nearly 600 hospitals, are choosing social networking over the internet during this aggressive marketing scheme.

Disney's effort to capture younger children targets new moms to begin thinking about their unbornd child's theme-park experience.

Replacing Playhouse Disney on cable will be Disney Junior, a new programming block combined with Disney Babey all designed to capture the attention of young children over the long term.

The question that really comes to mind is whether it will be a magical moment for young moms in the maternity ward.

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