Thursday, February 10, 2011

From Miami to the attractions at high-speed

High Speed Train within 6 years
You've just arrive at the Miami terminal, got your luggage, now your ready to board the Miami - Orlando express, hold on for this white knuckled ride moving at 168 mph.

Streaking past passenger cars on I-95N, you realize that they have 5 hours before they reach their destination, Orlando, your ETA is just 1.97 hours.

An ambitious plan rolled-out by the Obama Administration that spends some $53 billion over the next 6 years for high-speed train will renew interests in mass transportation in the days to come.

With higher oil prices that can only go up due to higher energy consumption by 3rd world countries like China, ever increasing number of cars on the highway, ridership on the new train that will debut in 2015 will become increasingly attractive.

Republican Subcommittee chairman will try to push the initiative through Congress.

The government believes that high-speed trains will be more successful in the Northeast cities including New York and Washington.

Of the $10.5 billion stimulus money awarded to Florida for high-speed trains was used instead for the older model trains.

Albeit government would like to de-rail high-speed in Florida, private investment and a competitive markets will resurrect it. In fact, there is a lineup of 8 contenders, international companies, that meet the prerequisites established by Gov. Rick Scott who pledge both the land and $280 million.

No question, high-speed train is the way of the future, analysts predict some 80% of travelers will elect this type of travel within twenty five years.

Whoever wins the bid to build the new high-speed network with be responsible for operations, maintenance costs and shortfalls.

Before any such network is built, US Rep John Mica, chairman of the House Transportation Committee, will have to review ridership studies in Miami.

The 230 mile Miami route from Orlando costing some $2.7 billion will most likely win over the Tampa route.

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