Thursday, February 17, 2011

Orlando for Free!

Probably you’ll be thinking “another amazing place to go but I have a limited budget.” We understand that sometimes you wanna have a good time somewhere, but you still need money. How about if we change that perception, shall we?

Orlando can offer interesting things that are free of charge! You may be asking “free of charge? Are you serious?” Yes! Free of charge. Activities that will require a little imagination, but you’ll have an amazing good time!

The first one you have to travel about 45 miles off from Kissimmee in a town called Christmas. There, you’ll find an old replica of the Fort that was built in this town during the 2nd Seminole Indian War (1835 - 1842). The fort houses exhibits and a video presentation on the Seminole Indian War. Also, there are seven historical homes that have preserved the “Cracker” architecture and show us pioneer life in the 1870s. there’s special activities that takes place during certain months that adds to the entertainment value to this museum. One of them takes place during the weekend before Easter and the weekend before Thanksgiving where they have the “Militia Encampments”. In this interpretation, soldiers camp in front of the Fort and tells stories about the 2nd Seminole Indian War. There’s also a cannon firing demonstrations that will surely makes this a very realistic telling on life in those times! Surely everyone from the toddlers to the grown-ups will enjoy, plus it has BBQ areas that will make a good picnic kinda affair to everyone in the family. And what’s better, the entrance to this fort is totally free!

The second is about 39 minutes away from Kissimmee, Winter Park’s Popcorn Flicks. In an awesome collaboration with Enzian movie theaters, it is a movie in the park setting that features classic films for the whole family. This entertainment is totally free of charge! The only thing that is recommended is to bring your blanket, a picnic or snacks, bring your family and friends to have fun! Usually the movies takes place on the second Thursday of each month and starts at 7pm, however, it may not start until sunset so that the light be optimal for the viewing experience. It is absolutely made for the romantics! Imagine a starry night, the perfect romantic movie, and your significant other, what more can be asked! Since this takes place outside in the open, you can bet that some days are going to be chilly and others a bit warmer. However, with the unpredictable Florida weather, some times it rains, so the park post about 30 minutes before the show to cancel the movie. But all movie lovers out there will enjoy an amazing time watching a movie in a different venue that will surely be memorable!

As you can see, there’s many things to do in Orlando! The only thing that you have to be is a little creative and open-minded and with the spirit to have fun and enjoy the day!

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