Thursday, February 3, 2011

SeaWorld introduces new show dubbed One Ocean

For now, trainers of killer whales will stay out of the water in SeaWorld's next show dubbed "One Ocean".

After five years of immense success, SeaWorld has announced that it will replace the old show "Believe".

Albeit in-water interactions between man and killer whale demonstrated a symbiotic relationship between man and whale, animal-rights critics maintained heavy pressure on SeaWorld allegating that the show provided no real educational component.

For now, "water works" will not be part of the show until SeaWorld can figure out how to increase safety for trainers in the pool. Many fans that remember "Believe" will miss seeing trainers ride on the backs of killer whales or being catapulted into the air.

One Ocean to debut in late April as the new centerpiece attraction at SeaWorld will showcase a greater focus on a conservation theme with images and messages about our oceans.

While the old show introduced SeaWorld's corporate collection of more than 22 whales as "amazing performers", the on-going theme of the new show will strive to bring guests closer to the glass wall for a more personal and up-close interaction.

The new show, invariably designed to stay out of the water, will have underlying ovatures on how mankind can help preserve their environment, specifically the ocean. Trainers will enjoy a greatre latitude in stunts and maneuvers unlike the formerly highly acclaimed choreographed "Believe".

Hopefully, in the new show "One Ocean", some of the stressful components that provoked unfamiliar behaviour amongst orcas, has been removed makintg the showcase attraction fun for both man and animals.

Amidst the citation battle going on between SeaWorld and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the iconic underwater giant will introduce ten new attractions costing some $200 million in capital investment for 2011.

So come join us as SeaWorld merges "One Ocean" and one people under one roof with some of the greatest entertainers under the sea.

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