Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Some hotels in Orlando are over-rated

Imagine resting in the lobby of a 4-star hotel when suddenly a procession of ducks march from the penthouse, to their fountain in the middle of the lobby. The Peabody Duck tradition, dating back to the 1930's, can still be witnessed today in Orlando.

Much to guests dismay, many hotels in Orlando are over-rated by online-based travel services like Trip Advisor that may rate the hotel by their own criteria. Amazingly, not one hotel in Orlando has acquired a 5-star rating contrary to public opinion. The closest clinching the title is the posh Peabody Orlando, with a 4-star rating.

Since 1958, Forbes Travel Guide, has established criteria, consisting of over 550 service standard checklist to rate a potential hotel. This highly coveted rating can command certain pricing for rooms at an 5-star illustrious hotel.

A point of contention is the Burj Al Arab dubbed 6-star hotel designated by the hotel itself, in other words, there are no standards.

Reviews on Internet sites such as Trip Advisor can be extremely subjective and not a true rating by a highly respect company like Forbes Travel Guide (formerly Mobil guide).

Among 50,000 hotels in North America, only 9,000 are listed with a star rating. Each year, only some 54 hotels make the coveted 5-star status.

In order to acquire a 5-star rating, their must be a balance between amenities and guest experience contrary to common belief.

The highly coveted 5-star award not only requires a inspector to visit the venue, but an incognito inspection is conducted for at least 2-to-3 days but an individual under cover. During the anonymous visit, inspectors will judge from amenities to personal service, attention to detail to curbside service.

According to The Mobil Five-Star category, only the Ritz-Carlton San Francisco, Four Seasons Hotel Chicago, Peninsula Beverly Hills, and Mandarin Oriental in New York have ascended to the 5-star status.

Forbes endorse hotels like Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Mandarin Oriental, Four Seasons, Post Ranch Inn, Canoe Bay and the Windsor Court Hotel in the 4-Star category,

5-Star Hotels
Look for exceptionally and distinctively luxurious environment that offers a unique and consistent over-the-top personalized service. Must have the ultimate in amenities, attention to details and the ultimate in pampering every whim is evident throughout the entire experience. Remarkable in every area from the plush to elegant guest rooms, from design to an unforgettable culinary experiences.

4-Star Hotels
Expect a superlative establishment in a charming ambient providing people who want exceptional pampering, service and a luxurious experience.
With sophisticated service and amenities clients can expect 24-hour room service, automatic turndown service, and curbside treatment. known for personalized service and hospitality, in addition to luxurious accommodations.

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