Monday, February 21, 2011

Third generation stunt driver takes helm of Daytona International Speedway

As the new president of Daytona International Speedway, the first big undertaking was to re-pave the 1958 track with new asphalt.

Joie Chitwood, toured for 40 years in his thrill stunt show, vowed to repave the old track in order to stir up his based support for the track.

During the economic downturn, attendance dropped substantially before he assumed the position as top gun and he apologize to Daytona's fans for the lack of glitz and glamour back in the heyday of Richard Petty, and Dale Earnhardt.

In order to rebuild his fans trust, it would cost Daytona International Speedway some $20 million to lay new asphalt.

Of course when old drivers raced down the track, many where surprised with the enhanced performance of the surface. Last track that was laid occurred in 1978 and a new surface was long overdue.
During 2010 competitions, potholes were on the track really degrading the experience for fans and drivers. But this year, Chitwood III has spared no expense that will hopefully create a new experience for fans.

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