Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Viva La Musica coming soon to SeaWorld

Viva La Musica Rhythms that groove you, sounds that move you, soul stirring lyrics, spicy hot tunes, be transport to a new world as SeaWorld transforms it's self into "Viva La Musica".

Featuring award-winning artists including Chino y Nacho, Manny Manuel, Jerry Rivera, and Ednita Nazarito. Don't miss this first-time-ever, lineup of the hottest recording artists in the industry.

Spicier than ever, this year features performances of the greatest Salsa Kings ever, break our your tacos de carne asada because these artists are ready to deliver.

Live from Shamu Stadium, featuring a sensational night of spicy music, sensational Mexican rhythms, all back dropped by the many sights and sounds SeaWorld.

Satiate your palate with the finest of Mexican cuisine including cuisine liek elotes, tacos de carne asada, fruta rebanada and much more.

Imagine, amazing musica, hot artists, heart-throbe entertainers, all this in the midst of America's favoirte theme-park.

Take a quiet escape from the concert and check out Clyde and Seamore take pirate island, Blue Horizons, Pets Ahoy, A'Lure The call of the Ocean, Reflections
Elmo and Abby's Treasure Hunt.

Soul-stiring music, Mexican cuisine, amazing line-up. rodes amd attractoms, all at your finger tips for one amazing day, second to none, SeaWorld Orlando.

Featuring Award-winning artists:

March 12 - Chino & Nacho
March 19 - Manny Manuel
March 26 - Jerry Rivera
April 2 - Ednita Nazario

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