Saturday, February 26, 2011

Nissan ZWhen in Orlando there are many things to do to keep you busy for days. You can take a trip to one of the many water parks or even theme parks. You can drive to the beach in less than hour, or even go downtown to Church street for a little night life. In my opinion there is nothing better than going to an even at CFRC, central florida race complex is a great place to go to have some fun for a cheap price. I have been taking my cars here for a long time now to push them to the limits and beyond and there really is nothing else like it. You can have fun all night watching some of the fastest cars jet down the drag strip or get wild and throw your car sideways in the drifting course. Both are only a 5 dollar entry fee and an additional fee if you plan on racing or drifting that night/day. CFRC has become a fan favorite in the Central Florida racing community for several reasons. They are NHRA certified meaning top pros in the whole world can compete here for seasonal points. The track is an 8th of a mile so it puts things in a different perspective than shooting down the quarter mile like usual. Also the drift scene is growing wildly here. Since its' conception a few years back the amount of people that have been coming out has grown exponentially. Many people come out every night that they have the event to see up and coming inspiring pros. Many of them go on to compete in D1 which is the professional league for drifting. It is a very exciting place to be filled with many things to be done. You can see many awesome cars there such as rx7's, 240's 350z's, silvia's and even mustangs getting sideways. There are many swapped 240's that run ls1's, sr20's and Rb25's. So come out and see some of the 'swapped" madness they goes on every weekend. They also have great food such as hotdogs, pinchos and burger to keep your apetite pleased. So don't miss out on this great adventure in Central Florida.

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