Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Epcot’s - The Land

A hundred pound cucumbers!I recently visited Epcot to see the Garden and Flower festival, but if you have ever been to the festival you know it’s not a really engaging event. You spend most of your time just enjoying the park, the flower and garden part is just an added plus to what you normally would do at Epcot. Around the park they set up large gardens and these awesome displays. They even have this awesome showcase room where you can learn about exotic plants and even purchase some. But that’s not really what I want to talk about today.

One of my favorite rides at Epcot is actually kind of a strange choice for me. I think my curiosity gets the better of me on this ride, because it can’t even really be called a “ride” in my head. To me it’s like that one class in school you actually enjoyed. Let me explain. The Land is a boat ride that takes you through a large greenhouse in the center of the park. The greenhouse is home to all of Epcot’s experimental planting methods.

As soon as the ride starts you are taken through an artificial rainforest. The guide explains to you exactly what Epcot or Disney is doing to offer the world food in rural places. He starts by explaining how there is a wide variety of places where food is almost impossible to grow. Epcot has put a lot of effort into opening up new processes and methods for people in these locations to grow food. As far as I am concerned they are solving world hunger one step at a time!

The greenhouse is full of all of Disney’s experiments. With fruits and vegetables so large you couldn’t pick them up it is almost jaw dropping to me what they have accomplished. They have pumpkins shaped like Mickey Mouse, plants growing suspended in the air; they are even learning how to grow crops in space! I absolutely love this ride; it is something I make sure to visit every time I go to Epcot. You can even eat what they have grown in a restaurant right outside the ride!

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