Thursday, March 17, 2011


Irish Car Bomb

From Japan to South Korea, New Zealand to the Caribbean, Argentina to Canada, Great Britain to Australia, USA to Ireland, this celebration covers the entire globe.

Some interesting tidbits are that in the States many cities have their own celebration parades. The one in New York is the oldest (since 1762), Boston has done the celebration since 1804 (the city has one of the largest Irish bases in the country). One really weird occurrence happens in Chicago, cause the river is tinted green for this special celebration! (I guess Kermit the frog will feel at home). Since the Obama’s are Chicago natives, they brought the tradition to the White House where they have tinted green the North Fountain.

Here in Orlando there are so many things you can do to celebrate this special day, which this year is Thursday March 17th. There are places that are great to have fun and have the Irish touch for this day!

Raglan Road in Downtown Disney:

This locale serves authentic Irish with a modern twist like creamy colcannon soup, beef stew with a hint of Guinness, bangers and mash, and other delights that will surely fill your appetite! One thing that will catch your eyes are the custom-made furniture and fixtures that were designed and built in Ireland by Irish craftspeople. The restaurant sports a wonderful entertainment that includes a band that will put you to dance and sing like you never did before, and actually you’re encourage to do so in this party atmosphere! And the night is just beginning, so you can imagine what more surprises are going to be thrown at you. It is such an excellent place to bring the Irish inside of you!

Pat O’Brien’s in Universal Orlando’s CityWalk:

It is another excellent place that you can go to celebrate this Irish tradition. Every year during this celebration, they have a special event which includes traditional Irish cosine and specialty drinks with some Irish twist. Another major draw that makes this one of the most visited places is its dueling piano bar. Two excellent piano players duel for a shot of who is the big daddy in town, sitting in two copper pianos they sing and fill the night with the spirit of the joyous music you can think. Definitely you’ll have to be there to experience this amazing “dueling” performance!

Have fun on March 17th, 2011. Definitely will be a super day…don’t forget to don your green suit, and ladies wear your glittering sparkling green dresses. And for all drinkers out there, the specialty is the IRISH CAR BOMB! It is to die for! Here’s the recipe:

  • ½ oz Bailey’s Irish Cream
  • pint Guinness Stout
  • ½ oz Jameson Irish Whiskey
  1. Pour half a pint of Guinness into a beer mug
  2. Take a shot glass and pour the cream in the bottom and the whiskey on top.
  3. Count to three
  4. Say “Cheers!”
  5. Drop the shot into the Guinness
  6. Chug it as fast as you can before it curdle!
DON’T FORGET!!!! Drive carefully and choose a designated driver before you leave or perhaps you wanna go in a taxi. Have fun, don’t drink and drive!

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