Saturday, March 26, 2011

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

The roller-coaster like featuresMany of you know that Islands of Adventure recently opened the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It was a huge event and thousands of people showed up for its grand opening. Unfortunately there has been no opportunities for me to go visit the new stuff until recently. I gotta tell ya, the new addition to the park mine as well be a theme park itself. I mean they added rides, attractions, shows and shops, everything you need for a successful theme park.

While I was there though there happened to be one ride that stuck out to me above the rest. Everyone who has seen the movies knows that iconic location for the entire series is the Hogwarts School… or Castle. So when I could see it from the front of the park I kinda scuffled in that direction as quickly as I could. I had heard about the ride inside but I couldn’t really grasp what it was. Some people said it was a roller-coaster others said it was roller-coaster-like, and others said it was like the haunted mansion in the Magic Kingdom. So naturally I had to make the decision for myself.

As soon as you enter you are seated on a cart with three other people. A lot like the Haunted House ride these carts pull up in rapid succession, so the line was rabidly moving. As soon as you get on the cart the floor pulls away and you realize you are suspended above the track, which suspiciously looks like roller-coaster rails. However unlike roller-coasters the objective of this ride was not to obtain high speeds or make sharp maneuvers, in fact it was pretty leisurely in its style.

You start off in the main hall of Hogwarts and eventually make your way through all the major rooms that played a role in the movie. With floating objects and special effects they really capture the magical aspect of the movies. I really enjoyed passing through Dumbledore’s Office and the Gryffindor Common Room. The cart you are in tilts backwards and forwards and even twists to give you a view of everything. Definitely worth the trip to Islands of Adventure, I would do it again whenever I get the opportunity.

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