Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mardi Gras in Orlando

Mardi Gras

When in Orlando you have a lot of options as far as things to do. Mardi Gras in Orlando at the Universal Studios is a great event to keep you busy and have a great time at the same time. You will not want to miss out on the action and the great performances by Pitbull. You will feel the music and become entranced by the smooth melody and fantastic rhythms.

At Mardi Gras you can enjoy several different parades and festivals. You will love the music and party atmosphere associated with the festival. So many people come out and have a good time that if feels the streets of Universal and surrounding area. You will love the festival and everything that it has to offer. They have acrobatic entertainers and gymnasium performers to keep you on your toes. Every flip and twist will take your breathe away and leave you in awe. Mardi Gras is a great place for the whole family to take part in. It is a family friendly environment with an array of different artists and performers for everyone to see. I went recently and had the time of my life. The music, dancers, performers and experience was great and will never be topped. This is one act that must be seen by everyone. You will be blown away by the sheer magnitude of this event. There is no other like it on Earth. It may even be better than the real one in New Orleans.

Universal Studios throws this event yearly and every year is better than the last. You will see the truth in this when you go more than one year back to back. The great performers are honing their skills for a whole year before they take stage again in the next year's Mardi Gras. The amazing performances are practiced daily and perfected before you get to see them. You will not want to miss out on next years event and the hype associated with it. Be sure to clear a schedule and dedicate a couple days to this madness, because you will not want to leave.

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