Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Roller-Coaster Fanatic

Construction on the Cheetah HuntI totally love roller-coasters. I like those rides where your adrenaline is pumping and you feel on the edge between being inside the car and being in a rapid-convoluted-twisting g-force inducing flight. There’s nothing like feeling the wind hitting your face and your hands raised high waiting for that exact moment you well know where the snap of a picture will imprint to posterity that awesome feeling of freedom and excitement!

So it is not difficult to imagine how incredibly happy I was when I discovered that Busch Garden in Tampa Florida was making a roller-coaster, Cheetah Hunt. I immediately wanted to know all the details and what was awaiting all of us who love thrilling adventure rides. I couldn’t believe how good their marketing machine is cause they give us this little hint with the “A new breed of Speed” slogan that will make us crave to know more about that ride.

Then, they started to unveiled the pictures and it looks totally awesome! I was in Manta which is the newest roller-coaster in SeaWorld and they have this combination of aquarium and entrance to the ride, and they have taken this same concept with Cheetah Hunt. Of course, like the name implies it has cheetahs roaming thru an African Savannah area, I cannot tell you how interesting and marvelous it will be to see the fastest running animal on earth walking and running in this fascinating environment. And if you’ve seen the clips of the “virtual tour”, I cannot wait to hop into this amazing beast of a roller-coaster!

Now it comes to the waiting…oh, the waiting! And that is perhaps the hardest, specially when you see that the whole tram of the ride is already in place, some of the statues are having their finishing touches, and they recently gotten the cars, which are going to sport a front that has a shape similar to the head of a Cheetah, this screams “coolest ride ever”!

Right now, it shows that is supposed to be in operation Spring 2011! So for all of those roller-coasters fanatics, Busch Gardens in Tampa Florida will be waiting you to ride this amazing attraction that will surely break some records of speed along the way to spring as one of the best and favorites roller-coasters in the world!

According to reports, the opening date for Cheetah Hunt, the newest roller-coaster design by Busch Gardens in Tampa Florida, will be MAY 27th.

The roller-coaster will sport a concept similar to Manta in SeaWorld Orlando Florida that combines being close to a specific animal life and a ride that deals with that animal. It has a companion attraction called Cheetah Run, a habitat featuring a dozen or so cheetahs that sports a 250-foot straightaway for running, and there will be observation windows for closer views of the animals. Height requirement is said to be 48-inches.

So, mark your calendars and enjoy the ride cause certainly going at 60mph will be a ride you’ll never forget!

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