Thursday, March 24, 2011

Star Tours 2.0 Amazing News

Star Tours 2.0You know when the kids are saying “are we there yet?” all the time, right? Well, I wanna tweak that a little bit with “can I finally hop into that attraction now?”. Cause, the more I hear about the revamp Star Tours, affectionately name Star Tours 2.0, the more I wanna ride that attraction!

In the latest news, Lucasfilm and Walt Disney Company have stated that the following characters will be seen during the show:

Roll the drums please!

We already know about C-3PO, R2-D2, Ace (AC-38), and Spokesbot Aly San San. And also that it takes place between Revenge of the Sith (Episode III) and A New Hope (Episode IV)

The new additions are:

Darth Vader – what is a Star Wars ride without one of the most loved “evils” in film!

Stormtroopers – what little boy in Halloween doesn’t want to dress as one?

Some new characters call “Skytroopers” – i cant wait how they look and what they do!

Boba Fett – for those Empire Strikes Back fan, there’s no other favorite Bounty Hunter!

Master Yoda – like me, probably you’ll be asking how are they going to include him in the storyline of the ride.

Admiral Ackbar – do you remember the character that looks like an octopus? That’s him! He was in Return of the Jedi (Episode VI)

And for all geeks drooling to see their personal beauty fantasy girl, none other than Princess Leia! – cant wait to see how they can pull this one… in the blog-o-sphere there’s so much speculation, would it be a new actress? Or Carrie Fischer with some anti-aging Disney-Lucasfilm magic? Would it be a hologram of her? The possibilities are endless.

One of the most incredible things that the imagineers have achieve is that they have created a ride that requires multiple viewings, cause the rides many different places are randomly choose by a complex computerized system. Meaning that every time you walk into the ride, you wont know where it will send you to! Isn’t that awesome!

Mark your calendars, May 20th, 2011! That’s why I am in the “Can I finally hop into that attraction now?”.

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