Friday, March 18, 2011

Tokyo Disney Resort

Tokyo Disneyland CastleJapan has been one of those magical spots where the old and the new clashes in such a wonderful way that makes you wanna discover or better yet unearth its mysteries.
However, lately we been inundated with visceral and graphic views that are sending a different view of this wonderful country and culture.

The earthquake and its subsequent tsunami have left an indelible mark on the country. Definitely, we are rooting that once again this marvelous country with its beautiful sights and unique culture will rise again to be the place where the raising sun always is bright. To take a cue from one of its million of folk stories Japan will be like the phoenix rising from the ashes!

But, aside from the disaster to the whole country, we often are remembered that Disney has spread its powerful magic all throughout the world. Our readers probably know about Disneyland Paris in France that is the theme park for all European countries, Hong Kong Disneyland for that Asian part of the world, and last Tokyo Disney Resort in Japan.

Today we share news that the theme park giant is closing its theme park and all other facilities, including hotels, stores etc indefinitely Due to the nation’s energy crisis due to the explosions of the nuclear power plants and the spread of radiation in certain areas of the country. The evacuation of many people in the affected areas and the ongoing efforts by the government to respond to this catastrophe are taking priority to many businesses in Japan.

One of them that is being majorly impacted has been Tourism. Many hotels and tourism related businesses, as well as Disney, have devoted their employee base to help with the homeless and the elderly and others in their communities that has been in peril.

The work is just beginning. It will be seen slowly, but assuredly the day where this will be in the past and we’ll see again a new revamped Japan. Definitely, the world community will help them in any way possible. Like President Obama, we are “heartbroken” at the toll number of human casualties for this multiple disaster, but we share his pledge to support the people of Japan!

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