Friday, April 1, 2011

Hollywood Studios - American Idol Experience

American Idol ExperienceNow I love the Hollywood Studios theme park, mostly because I am a huge fan of the Indiana Jones show. But when I arrived this time I came across a show that I have never seen before. I remember hearing about it sometime in the past but I guess I dismissed it for a one time event. Just after you enter the park and pass through the entrance and the shops you are suddenly greeted by a massive structure that to me, appears to have just appeared over night.

The newest ride addition to the theme park is the American Idol Experience, where park guests get to try their hand at singing on stage. Now most places would just let a few guests up on stage to sing, but the American Idol Experience is far more thorough. They collect park guests at the start of the day, visitors that want to try their hand at singing. Then professional tutors help the contestants practice their song before the show starts.

At certain times throughout the day which you can find in handouts there are live shows on stage. Just follow the schedule and you get to go inside and watch five contestants sing and sometimes dance for the audience. When they are all done the judges on stage that mimic the TV show hosts criticize them. But at the end it all comes down to you, on the side of each chair is a set of numbers, when they are all done singing you get asked to vote. Finally when they claim a victor they invite you back to one last show at the end of the day.

The last show is the victors from all the previous shows throughout the day. Usually by this time all the singers are very talented, and judging them is actually complex. When they get the winner from this show they give them a ticket offering them a chance to come back for one last show against the rest of the winners throughout the week. Then if they win that showcase they have a chance to go to the actual TV show!

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