Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Medieval Times

Medieval TimesWe purchase all our tickets through GreatOrlandoDiscounts.com, and we usually pick them right up at the office. Well when I stopped in with my wife and kids to pick up our tickets it was too late to make it to a theme park, so we asked at the register if there was any good night time things to do in town. The first thing he suggested was a dinner show and he showed three or four separate ones we had time to get to.

Now as we pulled into the parking lot at the ticket place we noticed a massive stone castle right across the street with large torches sporting real fire. They told us it was called medieval times and it was one of the shows we had time to get to, it was also one of the most inexpensive of the four. So we decided we would head over there and try our first dinner show. The cool thing is they told us if we went over early we could explore outside buildings and see a bunch of medieval workshops and show rooms. They had blacksmiths, a woodshop and even a torture chamber, it was pretty cool.

So then we headed inside and had some drinks before waiting for the show to start. They said it is smart to arrive an hour early and ensure that you get a seat. I guess they work on a first come first save bases, which I guess also means they are a pretty busy dinner show. Once you get into the stadium they seat you down around a large ring, each seating section has a designated color and emblem. Wherever you are seated is the color night you are supposed to cheer for. During the show they come out and serve you soup, half a chicken and plenty of other finger foods from the medieval era, it was awesome tasting food.

The actual show was great to, my kids loved it. The knights come out on the arena on horses, all decked out in armor and sporting their colors. They fight with all kinds of hand to hand weapons to determine the winner. But first they perform complex stunts on their horses and they even joust! As a first dinner show this was the best, now I am dying to see some of the others!

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