Monday, April 4, 2011

O-town Night

Disney Quest EntranceBeing a local Orlando resident, this weekend i decided to take a trip to Disney Quest. It is a 5 floor interactive arcade filled with all types of interactive games and arcades: from new arcades to classic such as Pac Man and Galaga. You will have the time of your life playing in this wonderland. Admission is a mere 30 dollars and you will have so much fun you won't want to leave. Disney Quest is found on Disney's property, located in Down Town Disney. You will surely want to come back again and again once you experience the thrills for yourself. Disney Quest is by far my favorite thing about Disney. You will have so much fun battling your friends and family. You can shoot it out on one of the many shooting games, race each other on the famous Daytona 500, go to infinity and beyond at the Buzz Lightyear simulator or even paddle your way to safety at the river water adventure. The games seem endless and so does the fun. Disney Quest was designed to have 5 different themed floors to cater to different maturity levels and ages. You can find a floor dedicated entirely to the little ones in the group where they can color and "imagineer" their own rides which they can then ride on. Disney has really gone above and beyond at this place. I love coming here and playing the fighter jet simulator. You actually are suspended in air and and you will turn in the direction you turn you jet on the screen. There is no other game like it there and you will love it. I know i spend at least an hour on just this one game every time I go to Disney Quest. My other favorites are the circus sharpshooter game. You can shoot at targets that require precision shooting and hone your skills while still having a good time in a friendly environment. You won't have to pay for ammunition and/or targets. Have the time of your life honing your marksmanship and have a great time at the one and only Disney Quest.

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