Friday, April 29, 2011

Orlando Water

Hang TimeWhile on my trip to Orlando I decided to take part in some great out door sports that I don't normally get to enjoy during my busy work week. I love being able to get out side and enjoy nature and all it has to offer, so I went out to Orlando Watersports Complex. There you can enjoy some great wake boarding along a zip-line or behind a private boat. They possibilities are endless and you are assured to have a great time when you come out to this central Florida hotspot. I can spend days upon days there and enjoy it more than anything else. But I only had a limited amount of time, so I did a few runs and called it day.
After that me and the ol lady headed out to the best restaurant ever, Chipotles! There we both enjoyed some great burritos that were huge. I had a steak burrito with rice, black beans, corn, sour cream, cheese, guac and salsa. It was the best thing you can ever eat and I cannot wait to get another one. The size of the burrito is about the size of a small baby. If you are a real man then you can probably handle the whole, thing if not than don't try it...You will fail.

After enjoying a great bite to eat, we went a saw a movie at The Loop. The movie theater there is pretty nice and can fit thousands of people. We saw the Source Code. It was a really good movie with an interesting story line. I really enjoyed and learned some cool new things at the same time. After we enjoyed the movie we had to call it a night and start heading home. We both had a long day and needed some rest now so we went back to the house and caught some sleep.

When finally waking up we decided to go to Wet N' Wild for a little while. It is a huge water park in Orlando that has some of the most amazing water slides in the whole state. You can expect to spend the whole day there. There are enough things to keep you busy for days on end. I love hitting the wave pool and the black hole too. There is a lot of fun to be had there and you will have to experience it for yourself.

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