Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean – Battle for Buccaneer Gold

Battle for Buccaneer GoldOne of my favorite things to do in the Orlando is go to Disney Quest. The price of a ticket to Disney Quest is also significantly cheaper than one to the theme parks. It’s actually pretty fun if I can get the guys together to go out there and have a good time. Disney quest is advertised as “Four floors of fully interactive games.” But, in reality it is four flours of competitive arcade games and restaurants that offer junk food, what better way to kick back and enjoy the vacation?

However I am not here to advertise Disney Quest to you. I would like to focus on a specific ride/game/attraction that can be found on the bottom floor of the arcade. As you walk down the stairs you will see several boats that appear to be riding down some rapids. You will see guests paddling furiously and narrowly dodging dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes. But this ride isn’t your destination, turn sharply to your right and get in line for my favorite ride, the Pirates of the Caribbean – Battle for Buccaneer Gold simulator.

Now like I said most rides at Disney Quest focus on competitive gaming where you vs. your friends. But, the Battle for Buccaneer Gold ride is one of a few where you have to work together to make a combined score. There are seven positions on the boat for seven separate “crew” members. The first position is the captain who has a steering wheel. He guides the ship across the sees in whatever direction he wants. It is his job to avoid running into other ships as well as find places that offer the crew more treasure.

The other six positions are cannons situated on all sides of your boat. Each person gets a cannon and has to defend the ship from enemy boats as well as attack forts, beaches, boats and other objects that hold treasure. This is probably the most entertaining of the positions, and you don’t necessarily need six people to man all the cannons. In fact there were only four of us and we did fine. The objective of the game is to collect the most gold you can in the short amount of time you are given.

The best part about the whole experience is that it is in 3D. I mean the game really comes to life when you see three dimensional cannon ball projectiles flying through the air, a definite favorite of mine.

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