Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sea World’s Kraken

The Kraken Roller CoasterI am a pretty big roller coaster fan; in fact there are very few roller coasters in the Central Florida area that I haven’t ridden. But recently I noticed a ticket special that lets you go to Sea World at the price of a child's ticket! So with that offer I got to go back to Sea World and ride one of my favorite roller coasters, the Kraken. Roller coasters aren’t the first thing you would expect to find at Sea World, I mean the park is directed at ocean life and water shows, but somehow they have managed to find a fitting theme for both the roller coasters at the park.

Well I remember visiting Sea World while they were actually building the Kraken roller coaster. There was a big sign that announced you would go 70 M.P.H., and they had the whole area fenced off so you couldn’t see what was happening. Fortunately they drilled holes in the fence so you could peak through and get a glimpse of the “coming attraction.”

Outside the entrance to the Kraken you can see the massive head of the sea monster himself. There is a large cave you can also enter and they have “eggs” lining the walls. Each of these eggs has its own unique kind of eel, which is always cool to check out if you’re waiting for a friend or family member who is on the ride.

Now as I said earlier when the roller coaster was being built it said it would launch you at 70 M.P.H. after the drop directly into a loop. I am not sure if those calculations were done with the cart empty or if they just cut back on the speed but the ride actually only goes 65 M.P.H., still just as thrilling. Regardless the 140 foot drop is one of the most exhilarating rides I have been on. The roller coaster is a bottomless cart, which means your feet are dangling in mid air the entire time. So on top of the incredible speeds you feel almost weightless the entire time.

If you wanna ride the Kraken then try to get on during one of the shows. All the people that would normally be in line to watch a show are watching the fish do flips, so it eliminates the long line!

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