Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Wonder Works OrlandoWe have lived in Central Florida for awhile now and surprisingly enough we haven’t ever been to WonderWorks in Orlando. You really can’t miss it, if your hanging around the Orlando attractions you will see this big upside down building resting on its corner. It is supposed to look… it does look like the building has been ripped out of the ground and thrown through the air to rest on its roof. They even have hanging lights and palm trees on the pavement that still stuck to the building, it’s really cool!

Anyway we got a great discount from GreatOrlandoDiscounts again, so we decided that we would take the kids and check it out. As soon as you walk in there are really cool sound effects that make the building seem like its creaking and rocking. Above you there are stair cases where the floor use to be and you are walking on the ceiling. Then when you pass through the ticket counter you enter this really mind bending hall. You feel like you are going to fall off as it rotates, it’s a really awesome optical illusion that messes with your head.

The first floor of the building is this really cool room that teaches you about whether. One of the first things we did was sit inside a simulator and learn what it feels like to be in an earthquake. Then we headed up to the floor above it and found all these really cool interactive games. There was a spot where you could see how fast you could throw a ball. It really surprised me, because I never realized how hard it was to achieve that 90 miles per hour mark that professional’s average.

Then we went up stairs even higher to a flight simulator where my kids and I “flew a plane.” It’s really cool you actually feel like you are flying. If you spin the plane upside down the simulator spins upside down and you’re dangling from the ceiling. You don’t have to do just the plane, you can actually ride a roller coaster to, even one that you made yourself!

WonderWorks is awesome, it is definitely something you should try. Best of all its one of the most inexpensive attractions in Orlando so it is a must!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Coming soon to Universal Orlando: Mini-golf!

City WalkUniversal Orlando Resorts is having such an incredible resurgence! When the theme park giant was perceived as settling for the number 3 spot for the most visited theme park in the U.S, has been having a banner year with its amazingly great Harry Potter-land!

And to offer a great variety of amazing entertainment for the entire family and to lure vacationers and locals alike from going to Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Universal Orlando has release incredible news. In the CityWalk area, Universal Orlando will include a 18-course miniature golf course, aptly named “Hollywood Drive-In Golf”. It will be located next to the AMC theaters. Construction will begin “early 2012”. Probably you’ll be asking how fun it will be, here’s an excerpt of the press release:

Inspired by the classic drive-in movie era, guests will be whisked into an elaborately-themed environment based on the vintage horror flicks and “little green men” science fiction films of the 1950s. As they experience two family friendly courses, “The Haunting of Ghostly Greens” and “Invaders From Planet Putt,” guests will putt their way through elaborate movie-style scenes, passing through a cemetery, under a giant spider, through a flying saucer and into the basement lab in a haunted house. Cutting-edge interactive elements and special effects will immerse guests further into the “double feature,” and with LED course edge-lighting they can play day, night and late night.

Can't wait for the mini-golf to be open, just to feel being in one of those B-movies of the 50s. I totally can remember Vincent Price with those “The Fly” costumes, or those “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes” movies, or seeing those “little green men” from those movies about aliens and their Roswell-look (priceless!)….definitely I am psyche about walking under that giant spider, it’s going to be fun for the entire family!

It was interesting the words used by Mr. Ric Florell, Senior Vice-President and General Manager of Resort Revenue Operations. He said “We created Hollywood Drive-In to be fun and different and something everyone can enjoy. We use creative theming and state-of-the-art technology to take the experience to the next level. It’s perfect for Universal CityWalk – whether you are playing at 11am or 11pm.” It will certainly be a great addition to Universal Orlando. Definitely, we’ll keep you posted as more information becomes available!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show

Sleuths Mystery Dinner ShowAs I wrote just about a month ago my family and I had our first adventure to a dinner. We picked Medieval Times and bought discounted tickets right across the street. So I decided I would take my wife to see another one and decided to pick the Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show. I purchased the tickets from the same place right across the street from Medieval Times and got a really good price. I seriously don’t understand why anyone would buy from the actual theme parks when you can get them cheaper across the street.

So we had heard about this show from some of our friends and they said it a dinner show where you watched a mystery. Like a game of CLUE you are supposed to try and figure it out before the show ends. In our case a family member murdered their grandfather for an inheritance. The guy at the register where we got our tickets told us that each show is different, and that there are almost twenty different cases. So if we ever wanted to go again it would be like seeing a new show.

They had great classic food there, like barbeque and burgers. The show was awesome, they had so many twists and both of us were wrong about who the murderer was. In fact the whole time it was someone we never even suspected. Of course they kept trying to make it seem obvious, so many times that it was almost impossible to find out the real answer. I would tell you who it was except then I would probably ruin the show for you.

Overall I want to see more of the Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show. If they really have twenty then we could keep going back and see all the different shows they have. I really enjoyed it and I am thinking about taking some friends from work to it again next month. With the discount from it makes it more than affordable, so its not like its an expensive night out, its just great fun!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Legoland Orlando

Getting ready for the big opening!I know this blog has several posts about the upcoming Legoland theme park but the time for its opening is coming closer and closer by the day. They announced just a few weeks ago that they will be opening the theme park in October of this year! A final date will probably surface in the next few weeks or so, so you better start strapping your shoes on because if this park is all that they promise then you are in for good adventure.

If you have been reading all the information coming out of this place you probably already know what I am about to tell you, but I am going to say it again anyway for those that are just finding this. The Legoland theme park is coming to Orlando, its going to be located at the location of the old Cypress Gardens. It has been in the process of being constructed for over a year now, and out of the dust you can just about see a theme park.

In fact construction would have been faster if the park had avoided saving all the gardens in the area. When the purchased Cypress Gardens they planned to build the entire theme park around the pre-existing park. That means just about all the entertainment will be located in or around the Cypress Gardens… well gardens.

They announced three rides that will be in the park, all three of them are also located at the Legoland in California. The first is Aquazone Wave Racers, a pull where you chase each other around on boats and spray each other with water cannons. The second is the Dragon, a roller coaster that takes you through a Lego castle. And finally the Land of Adventure, where you ride a brick car through some of Lego’s most popular Lego sets, only they have become life size.

Legoland is just around the corner, and here in Central Florida it’s got all the hype. So now is the time to start preparing your vacations, I know I am!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Boosh Gardens

Sheikra at Busch GardensA trip to Busch Gardens was planned and I had no way of getting myself some discounted tickets until I stumbled upon the website Great Orlando Discounts. After finding it i found that I can get my tickets via an "e-z ticket" which was emailed out right away saving me money and time. The tickets were easily printed out and I took them straight to the gate without having to wait in any kind of line whatsoever, we just went through turnstiles and that was it, too easy right?

Well when we got in the park, it seemed huge and endless in many ways. I didn't know what to do first. So we decided to ride all the amazing roller coasters. My favorite was Gwazi, a wooden roller coaster that was built in the 90's. It is an amazing ride that offers some old school feel when you ride it. You will feel every little bump on the track when you ride this ride. It felt like it was going 100mph but that's only because of the wooden nature of the coaster. You will not regret riding this one. I would've rode it time and time again if my head didn't hurt from the first time.

Another great roller coaster there is Sheikra. Its a fast metal modern coaster that speeds down the tracks and keeps you begging for more. There is no other ride like this one, anywhere period. You will love it and get right back in line time and time again. If you're brave enough you can even ride in the front row.

Another great thing about Busch Gardens is their conservation efforts in the park. You will find over 1000 different species of animals finding their homes in this amazing park. Don't waste all your time riding the rides, get to see some of the animals that are endangered and learn about conservation efforts being done to help preserve their lives. My favorite were the lions. They are strong, beautiful creatures with a lot to offer. There is no other place on Earth where you can experience them in their own habitat like Busch Gardens. The kids loved seeing the animals too, my Niece's' favorite were the giraffes. She loved seeing those and she even got some cool pictures of them.

The trip all in all was fun and I cannot wait to go back and see all the different animals that they have and ride the amazing rides. This has to be by far, my favorite theme park yet. They have cool animals and amazing rides-it doesn't get any better than that at all. They even have an amazing BBQ place that you can eat at! And let me tell you, its good. So don't miss out on this amazing theme park.

Friday, May 6, 2011

One Ocean Review

One Ocean
Ever since I was a little kid, my parents always found a way to get me and my sisters to visit Sea World Orlando. I always found myself in awe for the sheer majesty of seeing the Orcas in action. Seeing Shamu doing its pirouettes and gravity defying acts, its something to cheer and applaud.

Few things really gets you emotionally like seeing this enormous marine animal just like “soaring” gently in the water and doing what I called its “romantic dance” (and the music does put you in that mood). Years before, one of the female trainers (pretty hot girl, I may say) will relax in Shamu’s belly just caressing this creature. It was simply a highlight to the show. However, now they up the ante cause they use Shamu and one her calf. You have to be there to experience looking at this misunderstood creature and its offspring just doing this routine effortlessly and yet inspiring. There’s no people in the stands that doesn’t do the “Awwwhhs!” in this little portion.

But it has its funny and “you are really going to get wet” moments, when Shamu goes into the “attack mode” and simply uses its enormous fin to splash water into the stands. Even some people from the upper stands goes all the way down to just feel the splash, and during the summer time, it is certainly one way to get refresh! It is sucha sight to behold. Plus, there have funny moments when Shamu goes out to say goodbye with its pectoral flipper, or perhaps when the trainer its going to give Shamu its fish treat and she just says no with her head, prompting the trainer to give her a “bigger” prize treat!

I tell you, there’s no show that I love more and inspire more than Shamu. During the ages that I been attending the park, Sea World Orlando has change the show several times. “Believe” was the current show from 2006 to 2011. it has now been change for the show “One Ocean”. It is a multi-sensory kinda show that adds light, incredible visuals that are shown in a moving digital HD screen, the background is decorated with colorful array of designs over a huge look-alike-Shamu-fin. Another first in this show is the use of dancing fountains that adds another level of entertainment to the visitors, not only you’ll get wet with Shamu, but now during the show also!

As all the Shamu shows from Sea World, there is an educational purposed to inspire you to protect this beautiful creature, and also to realized that we are all part of one world, “one ocean”. You will definitely leave the Shamu Stadium touched and majorly entertained, and you’ll enjoy this new amazing show.

Different shows comes and goes, different sequence of music and pirouettes, but everything has a constant and is Shamu. Even now as an adult, I find myself coming to Sea World Orlando to see this spectacular orca and her family. I tell you, don’t miss the opportunity to see this show cause definitely you’ll get out adoring this majestic whale!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sea World and Makahiki Luau Ticket

Makahiki Luau Polynesian FeastI was looking into do something this weekend at one of the theme parks and I noticed a Sea World ticket on’s front page. Naturally I got curious and clicked on, and boy was it worth it. Can you believe you can get a ticket now that includes both a day at Sea World and a dinner at Makahiki Luau? Now I have been to Sea World before, but this luau was something I had never heard of before, so I figured I would take my wife to Sea World for a day of fun then end it with a dinner show, and it was fantastic.

We got to Sea World real early and walked right in. The tickets they offered are what are called EZ tickets, they get emailed straight to you and you can print them right at home from your computer. Then when you get to the gate they let you right in, nothing to it! In fact since we got there so early we got to skip right past the huge line of people waiting to but their tickets, we beat the weekend rush! Which meant we could walk straight to the new roller coaster they put in the “Manta.” Wow was it something, you sit down in your seat and then suddenly it lifts you off the floor. You are actually dangling with your hands hanging down, and then when you start the drop you are actually diving, it was awesome!

Sea World is really known for its shows, and for good reason. They have a huge stadium in the park that fills up every time there is a show with the killer whales. Every time I go I think it is amazing that the trainers can surf whales around the pool like they are riding on a surf board. Then the whale swims to the bottom of the tank with a trainer on its nose and flings them fifty feet into the air, it’s incredible.

When we were done with the park we headed over to the Sea Fire Inn where the Makahiki Luau Polynesian Feast is. Like I said this is the first time I have ever done this, so it was an entirely new experience for me. They had a wide variety of awesome Hawaiian foods… at least I think they were Hawaiian, its not like I have been there or anything. They also had awesome dancing and entertainment, they even got the whole audience involved, and the fire dancing was awesome!

All in all for such a cheap price this was an awesome way to spend the weekend, if you can get the time I suggest you grab this offer before its gone, I am taking my kids back out next Thursday to do it with them!

Monday, May 2, 2011


Finally! May couldn’t be one of the most magical months of the year! First, my birthday takes place this month, so from the get-go is all excitement. And second, one of my favorite events takes place in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Star Wars Weekends.

With Disney’s Hollywood Studios as a background, the lights and spectacles couldn’t be brighter with the addition to the Star Wars Weekends. From May 20th to June 12th, this year Star Wars Weekends certainly will be special!

This annual event brings crowds of fans of this famed series created by the Uber-Master Jedi George Lucas. Disney hasn’t spared in making everyone entertained and enjoying the festivities. It is to my knowledge the only event in which Disney let visitors of all ages dressed as their favorite Star Wars character. But if you are not into dressing as a character, then you’ll be surprised to find performers in costume as Jedi’s or Stormtroopers or Wookies or even as the evil Darth Vader.

Disney has also tweaked its parade to include a Star Wars twist. Hordes of Stormtroopers parading while in a motor-caravan are showing you the special guests that will certainly be top-notch! This year to make it even extra special, Disney has included the Special Appearance of Anthony Daniels, that funny and charming protocol droid who is everyone’s favorite character, C-3PO (who’s been the only actor to appear in every single one of the Star Wars movies!). For fans of the amazing Cartoon Network’s Star Wars: The Clone Wars comes: Dave Filoni (supervising director), the beautiful Ashley Eckstein (voice of Ahsoka Tano); as well as fan favorites Ray Park (Darth Maul, Episode I), Jeremy Bulloch (who was in Episodes III, V and VI, and played the famous bounty hunter Boba Fett), and Peter Mayhew (who was in Episodes III, IV, V, VI playing our furry friend Chewbacca).

New Star Tours RideAnother thing that will make this year super special is that George Lucas and Disney has teamed up to update the Star Tours ride. One of the things that make this ride simply amazing is that each time you get in will be a different ride. There will be 6 different planets combined in 50 different story adventures! Plus, the ride will feature new characters created specifically for this attraction and audio-animatronics that will be new fan favorites. How about this to boot, 3-D! Yes! The ride will be oozing with the special effects in high definition and 3-D. so don’t forget to don your goggles and enjoy this amazing ride over and over again until you can say that you’ve seen them all!

What you’ll do after enjoying the festivities? How about going to the Tatooine Traders where you can find anything in this galaxy far far away. From clothing, posters, pins celebrating the new ride and the festival, plus make-your-own-lightsaber and new star wars toys and many collectibles that I am sure will be the delight of many! You’ll feel as if you’ve been into the Mos Eisley Cantina in 12 parsecs!

Don’t forget to visit Disney’s Hollywood Studios and be the first one to enjoy this year event, plus its newly updated ride. Don’t forget to bring your camera and take mementos from this amazing fan favorite festival. And as the famous quote says: “May the Force Be with you!”