Monday, May 9, 2011

Boosh Gardens

Sheikra at Busch GardensA trip to Busch Gardens was planned and I had no way of getting myself some discounted tickets until I stumbled upon the website Great Orlando Discounts. After finding it i found that I can get my tickets via an "e-z ticket" which was emailed out right away saving me money and time. The tickets were easily printed out and I took them straight to the gate without having to wait in any kind of line whatsoever, we just went through turnstiles and that was it, too easy right?

Well when we got in the park, it seemed huge and endless in many ways. I didn't know what to do first. So we decided to ride all the amazing roller coasters. My favorite was Gwazi, a wooden roller coaster that was built in the 90's. It is an amazing ride that offers some old school feel when you ride it. You will feel every little bump on the track when you ride this ride. It felt like it was going 100mph but that's only because of the wooden nature of the coaster. You will not regret riding this one. I would've rode it time and time again if my head didn't hurt from the first time.

Another great roller coaster there is Sheikra. Its a fast metal modern coaster that speeds down the tracks and keeps you begging for more. There is no other ride like this one, anywhere period. You will love it and get right back in line time and time again. If you're brave enough you can even ride in the front row.

Another great thing about Busch Gardens is their conservation efforts in the park. You will find over 1000 different species of animals finding their homes in this amazing park. Don't waste all your time riding the rides, get to see some of the animals that are endangered and learn about conservation efforts being done to help preserve their lives. My favorite were the lions. They are strong, beautiful creatures with a lot to offer. There is no other place on Earth where you can experience them in their own habitat like Busch Gardens. The kids loved seeing the animals too, my Niece's' favorite were the giraffes. She loved seeing those and she even got some cool pictures of them.

The trip all in all was fun and I cannot wait to go back and see all the different animals that they have and ride the amazing rides. This has to be by far, my favorite theme park yet. They have cool animals and amazing rides-it doesn't get any better than that at all. They even have an amazing BBQ place that you can eat at! And let me tell you, its good. So don't miss out on this amazing theme park.

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