Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Legoland Orlando

Getting ready for the big opening!I know this blog has several posts about the upcoming Legoland theme park but the time for its opening is coming closer and closer by the day. They announced just a few weeks ago that they will be opening the theme park in October of this year! A final date will probably surface in the next few weeks or so, so you better start strapping your shoes on because if this park is all that they promise then you are in for good adventure.

If you have been reading all the information coming out of this place you probably already know what I am about to tell you, but I am going to say it again anyway for those that are just finding this. The Legoland theme park is coming to Orlando, its going to be located at the location of the old Cypress Gardens. It has been in the process of being constructed for over a year now, and out of the dust you can just about see a theme park.

In fact construction would have been faster if the park had avoided saving all the gardens in the area. When the purchased Cypress Gardens they planned to build the entire theme park around the pre-existing park. That means just about all the entertainment will be located in or around the Cypress Gardens… well gardens.

They announced three rides that will be in the park, all three of them are also located at the Legoland in California. The first is Aquazone Wave Racers, a pull where you chase each other around on boats and spray each other with water cannons. The second is the Dragon, a roller coaster that takes you through a Lego castle. And finally the Land of Adventure, where you ride a brick car through some of Lego’s most popular Lego sets, only they have become life size.

Legoland is just around the corner, and here in Central Florida it’s got all the hype. So now is the time to start preparing your vacations, I know I am!

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