Friday, May 6, 2011

One Ocean Review

One Ocean
Ever since I was a little kid, my parents always found a way to get me and my sisters to visit Sea World Orlando. I always found myself in awe for the sheer majesty of seeing the Orcas in action. Seeing Shamu doing its pirouettes and gravity defying acts, its something to cheer and applaud.

Few things really gets you emotionally like seeing this enormous marine animal just like “soaring” gently in the water and doing what I called its “romantic dance” (and the music does put you in that mood). Years before, one of the female trainers (pretty hot girl, I may say) will relax in Shamu’s belly just caressing this creature. It was simply a highlight to the show. However, now they up the ante cause they use Shamu and one her calf. You have to be there to experience looking at this misunderstood creature and its offspring just doing this routine effortlessly and yet inspiring. There’s no people in the stands that doesn’t do the “Awwwhhs!” in this little portion.

But it has its funny and “you are really going to get wet” moments, when Shamu goes into the “attack mode” and simply uses its enormous fin to splash water into the stands. Even some people from the upper stands goes all the way down to just feel the splash, and during the summer time, it is certainly one way to get refresh! It is sucha sight to behold. Plus, there have funny moments when Shamu goes out to say goodbye with its pectoral flipper, or perhaps when the trainer its going to give Shamu its fish treat and she just says no with her head, prompting the trainer to give her a “bigger” prize treat!

I tell you, there’s no show that I love more and inspire more than Shamu. During the ages that I been attending the park, Sea World Orlando has change the show several times. “Believe” was the current show from 2006 to 2011. it has now been change for the show “One Ocean”. It is a multi-sensory kinda show that adds light, incredible visuals that are shown in a moving digital HD screen, the background is decorated with colorful array of designs over a huge look-alike-Shamu-fin. Another first in this show is the use of dancing fountains that adds another level of entertainment to the visitors, not only you’ll get wet with Shamu, but now during the show also!

As all the Shamu shows from Sea World, there is an educational purposed to inspire you to protect this beautiful creature, and also to realized that we are all part of one world, “one ocean”. You will definitely leave the Shamu Stadium touched and majorly entertained, and you’ll enjoy this new amazing show.

Different shows comes and goes, different sequence of music and pirouettes, but everything has a constant and is Shamu. Even now as an adult, I find myself coming to Sea World Orlando to see this spectacular orca and her family. I tell you, don’t miss the opportunity to see this show cause definitely you’ll get out adoring this majestic whale!

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