Friday, May 20, 2011

Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show

Sleuths Mystery Dinner ShowAs I wrote just about a month ago my family and I had our first adventure to a dinner. We picked Medieval Times and bought discounted tickets right across the street. So I decided I would take my wife to see another one and decided to pick the Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show. I purchased the tickets from the same place right across the street from Medieval Times and got a really good price. I seriously don’t understand why anyone would buy from the actual theme parks when you can get them cheaper across the street.

So we had heard about this show from some of our friends and they said it a dinner show where you watched a mystery. Like a game of CLUE you are supposed to try and figure it out before the show ends. In our case a family member murdered their grandfather for an inheritance. The guy at the register where we got our tickets told us that each show is different, and that there are almost twenty different cases. So if we ever wanted to go again it would be like seeing a new show.

They had great classic food there, like barbeque and burgers. The show was awesome, they had so many twists and both of us were wrong about who the murderer was. In fact the whole time it was someone we never even suspected. Of course they kept trying to make it seem obvious, so many times that it was almost impossible to find out the real answer. I would tell you who it was except then I would probably ruin the show for you.

Overall I want to see more of the Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show. If they really have twenty then we could keep going back and see all the different shows they have. I really enjoyed it and I am thinking about taking some friends from work to it again next month. With the discount from it makes it more than affordable, so its not like its an expensive night out, its just great fun!

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