Monday, May 2, 2011


Finally! May couldn’t be one of the most magical months of the year! First, my birthday takes place this month, so from the get-go is all excitement. And second, one of my favorite events takes place in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Star Wars Weekends.

With Disney’s Hollywood Studios as a background, the lights and spectacles couldn’t be brighter with the addition to the Star Wars Weekends. From May 20th to June 12th, this year Star Wars Weekends certainly will be special!

This annual event brings crowds of fans of this famed series created by the Uber-Master Jedi George Lucas. Disney hasn’t spared in making everyone entertained and enjoying the festivities. It is to my knowledge the only event in which Disney let visitors of all ages dressed as their favorite Star Wars character. But if you are not into dressing as a character, then you’ll be surprised to find performers in costume as Jedi’s or Stormtroopers or Wookies or even as the evil Darth Vader.

Disney has also tweaked its parade to include a Star Wars twist. Hordes of Stormtroopers parading while in a motor-caravan are showing you the special guests that will certainly be top-notch! This year to make it even extra special, Disney has included the Special Appearance of Anthony Daniels, that funny and charming protocol droid who is everyone’s favorite character, C-3PO (who’s been the only actor to appear in every single one of the Star Wars movies!). For fans of the amazing Cartoon Network’s Star Wars: The Clone Wars comes: Dave Filoni (supervising director), the beautiful Ashley Eckstein (voice of Ahsoka Tano); as well as fan favorites Ray Park (Darth Maul, Episode I), Jeremy Bulloch (who was in Episodes III, V and VI, and played the famous bounty hunter Boba Fett), and Peter Mayhew (who was in Episodes III, IV, V, VI playing our furry friend Chewbacca).

New Star Tours RideAnother thing that will make this year super special is that George Lucas and Disney has teamed up to update the Star Tours ride. One of the things that make this ride simply amazing is that each time you get in will be a different ride. There will be 6 different planets combined in 50 different story adventures! Plus, the ride will feature new characters created specifically for this attraction and audio-animatronics that will be new fan favorites. How about this to boot, 3-D! Yes! The ride will be oozing with the special effects in high definition and 3-D. so don’t forget to don your goggles and enjoy this amazing ride over and over again until you can say that you’ve seen them all!

What you’ll do after enjoying the festivities? How about going to the Tatooine Traders where you can find anything in this galaxy far far away. From clothing, posters, pins celebrating the new ride and the festival, plus make-your-own-lightsaber and new star wars toys and many collectibles that I am sure will be the delight of many! You’ll feel as if you’ve been into the Mos Eisley Cantina in 12 parsecs!

Don’t forget to visit Disney’s Hollywood Studios and be the first one to enjoy this year event, plus its newly updated ride. Don’t forget to bring your camera and take mementos from this amazing fan favorite festival. And as the famous quote says: “May the Force Be with you!”

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