Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Wonder Works OrlandoWe have lived in Central Florida for awhile now and surprisingly enough we haven’t ever been to WonderWorks in Orlando. You really can’t miss it, if your hanging around the Orlando attractions you will see this big upside down building resting on its corner. It is supposed to look… it does look like the building has been ripped out of the ground and thrown through the air to rest on its roof. They even have hanging lights and palm trees on the pavement that still stuck to the building, it’s really cool!

Anyway we got a great discount from GreatOrlandoDiscounts again, so we decided that we would take the kids and check it out. As soon as you walk in there are really cool sound effects that make the building seem like its creaking and rocking. Above you there are stair cases where the floor use to be and you are walking on the ceiling. Then when you pass through the ticket counter you enter this really mind bending hall. You feel like you are going to fall off as it rotates, it’s a really awesome optical illusion that messes with your head.

The first floor of the building is this really cool room that teaches you about whether. One of the first things we did was sit inside a simulator and learn what it feels like to be in an earthquake. Then we headed up to the floor above it and found all these really cool interactive games. There was a spot where you could see how fast you could throw a ball. It really surprised me, because I never realized how hard it was to achieve that 90 miles per hour mark that professional’s average.

Then we went up stairs even higher to a flight simulator where my kids and I “flew a plane.” It’s really cool you actually feel like you are flying. If you spin the plane upside down the simulator spins upside down and you’re dangling from the ceiling. You don’t have to do just the plane, you can actually ride a roller coaster to, even one that you made yourself!

WonderWorks is awesome, it is definitely something you should try. Best of all its one of the most inexpensive attractions in Orlando so it is a must!

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