Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Aquatica, Texas

I opened my local newspaper to read the headline “Aquatica in Texas,” so naturally I had to do some digging and find out just what all the excitement is about. So I read the article and then checked online to find out that the Sea World in San Antonio Texas is preparing to open another Aquatica theme park. But this isn’t going to be the same theme park as the one here, it’s not a duplicate or a replication, it is going to be like a whole new park. Now my wife has family up there and I am greedily hoping I can steal some time to take the family next time we visit.

The article read that Sea World’s Park Chief the Executive Officer Jim Atchison spoke saying “Aquatica here in Orlando has been a home run for us.” So I guess they are making plans to expand Aquatica not only to Texas but also more destinations in the future. If they keep making them unique and different parks than I am not complaining at all.

Aquatica, Texas is supposed to feature an icon ride like the dolphin slides here in Florida that will feature a stingray tank. Supposedly it’s a family sized raft ride that will take you down and even under a stingray lagoon. The ride is supposed to be called “Stingray Falls,” kind of ironic because I don’t know any stingrays that spend their time at waterfalls. Regardless this ride looks really fun; they say there will be concept art for the theme park soon, so you can get an early glimpse.

I am anxiously awaiting the final opening date, but for now they just stated it will be sometime in 2012. I know that Aquatica here is my favorite water park and if there is a “sequel” then I definitely have to go see it!

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