Saturday, June 25, 2011

Candlelight Processional

Candle Light Choir
One of the highlights at the end of the year in Epcot is the “Candlelight Processional”. This is going to be the 41st edition of this wonderfully magical show.

Imagine, just for a moment, your favorite artist. The starry night as backdrop, at the American Gardens Theater in the American pavilion (some of the seats are covered, not climate control cause is outside). And, they will be doing a retelling of the Story of Christmas! If that’s not enough, a full orchestra and a mass choir. Live. In living colors!

Just to treat you with this incredible event, how about if we show you who the performers for this year will be:

-- November 25-27: Mira Sorvino ("Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion")
-- November 28–December 1: Michael W. Smith (Christian singer)
-- December 2-3: Whoopi Goldberg ("The View")
-- December 4-6: TBD
-- December 7-9: Isabella Rossellini ("Alias")
-- December 10-12: Neil Patrick Harris ("How I Met Your Mother")
-- December 13-15: TBD
-- December 16-18: TBD
-- December 19-21: Trace Adkins (country singer)
-- December 22-24: Susan Lucci ("All My Children")
-- December 25–27: Blair Underwood ("The Event")
-- December 28-30: Marlee Matlin ("Celebrity Apprentice")

Whichever the artist, you cannot go wrong, the whole ambience and the festive moment will make it a very special night. However, you certainly will be touched with Ms. Sorvino, Lucci, and Whoopi’s rendition. And Mr. Smith is also one regular that the ladies are swoon with. Plus, you’ll be with tears in your eyes and really amazingly uplifted with Ms. Matlin.

You may ask about the cost. The event is included in your ticket admission to Epcot. However, since Epcot has some of the best restaurant in Disney-area, you can combine eating at the restaurant and seating at the reserved area in the processional, of course, doing this will incur in extra charges.

This is an amazing event that surely is a delight of parents and children. Just the sheer magic of the Processional, seeing the invited artist, and the choir plus the orchestra, you’ll be totally touched. For all Christmas-time lovers, this is one that cannot be missed!

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