Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cheetah Hunt Part 1

One of the things I love about Busch Gardens in Florida is their love for all things roller coasters. Every time, they try to push the envelope when it comes to new coasters tailor-made for the thrill seekers. I considered myself one trying everything that will make me release that energy and adrenaline.

So, it was with great anticipation that I was heading to Busch Gardens to try out their new offering, Cheetah Hunt. They have fusion going to the roller coaster with the exhibition of those beautiful animals. At certain times of the day, they have a little show where they put into a run stripped the cheetah, and sent out a bait thru the runway, immediately, you can see why these are the fastest animals in the world. You can see their lean bodies, all muscle no body fat. One thing is to see them thru the TV set in those animal documentaries; another completely is to see them live. This are simply put beautiful animals. The spots are their personal fingerprint that sets them apart from each other. They have a badass look but once you see them bathing under the sun or taking a nap under the shades, you can see a little bit of their docility and playfulness.

After you have seen this animals, you can see the two cheetahs standing tall as columns sort of welcoming you to this amazing new ride. Once you start rounding out the line, you can see a huge rock formation type of design with the form of a huge cheetah, pretty cool. As you walk thru the line, in the columns, you’ll see little tablets with some nifty information about this incredible creature and also this ride. One that I thought was interesting was that its claws don’t retract and sort of makes on its paws a cleats effect and that helps him reach out those amazing speeds and stability. As we reach the portion where you can see the carts, you can choose either going to the very front of the car or the back, depending which one you chose the line can be a little faster or slow.

So, now you are right there in front of the car and one thing you’ll notice is the harness, it is a little bit different from the usual roller coasters like Montu or Kumba and the likes. They have added a grab-handler right there in the front, a little under the chest area. You’ll see signals and other tags that tells you not to grab the harness by the shoulder portion for security reasons. This will be a different type of rush you’ll feel! Their slogan “A New Breed of Speed” is indeed really true!

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