Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cheetah Hunt Part 2

The Cheetah HuntNow you feel that first push that makes the car moving and instead of that usual stop-and-wait you normally experience on the regular roller coasters, you experience that immediate thrust to the outside, not even giving you the time to set yourself into “roller coaster” mode, taking you totally by surprise, a really good surprise! This will be the beginning of this amazing roller coaster that is the longest in Florida, 4,429 feet-long. Immediately you’ll do a little curve and dropping you toward a narrow area where it will come the first of three magnetic sling-shots that will add to the speed. This one however will thrust you to the hill (at 30mph) that will immediately get you on top of what Busch Garden has called the Windcatcher’s Tower. Once on top (100 ft in the air), you’ll have a little nice ride that will give you a nice view of the park, but will prepare you to catch your breath from that awesome opening, cause more thrills will come.

Once you reach the end of this leisurely ride, you’ll get to the edge of a 130 ft drop, one that will make you feel those G4 forces that are a trademark of this attraction. You’ll get into a succession of ups and downs that are going around the hanging cables of the Skyride, which is pretty cool specially when a Skyride bucket is coming along. It is what Busch Gardens calls a heartline roll.

After that, you get to the second sling shot (this one clocking at 60mph) thru a nifty riverbank design that reminiscent one of those African savannah type of riverbank. That look and the zigzagging at that speed will give you that wow-effect. Here you can feel one of the nicest things I enjoyed in this ride and is how amazingly smooth it is. In regular roller coasters you can feel the clacking of going from one stretch of track to another, but here is the soft humming as if you are totally gliding thru the tracks, which is a totally amazing feeling!

After you get out of this riverbank, you reach the third and last of the sling-shots that reaches 45mph as you go up a hill and then coming back down, giving you some awesome airtime. After a few more turns and curves, you will reach the end.

Once you get out, you can have your picture with that awesome look for the posterity! Or you can buy many of the merchandises ranging from Cheetah Hunt T-Shirts to the lovable Kasi the Baby Cheetah plush toy (My sister loved those big huge eyes, she said it was “soo adorably cute”).

Had an amazing time, and if you ever find yourself here in Orlando, definitely you have to take a trip to Tampa and go into Busch Gardens and enjoy this roller coaster. It is worth it and definitely a great addition to this roller coaster Mecca!

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