Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fun Facts about Disney World

Perhaps it's not such a small world after all

A sprawling resort that covers some 40 square miles or 25,000 acres, if you were to stretch Disney World out, it would be the same size as California.

But who would have ever guested that Disney was the largest employer boasting over 62,000 cast members throughout the United States! Can can you imagine the task of washing all of the cast members outfits?

If you were to wash one load a day for the next 50 years, it still would not be equivalent to the number of garments washed each day. On an average day, Walt Disney's Laundry Matt washes in the order of 285,000 pounds each day! That's a lot of Suds.

A place where fans are encourage to dream, and a place where dreams really do come true, many of these magical moments are being captured on film each day. As a matter of fact, some 100,000 photos of guests are taken each day at Walt Disney World Resorts.

Hungry? Disney fans have a ferocious appetite. Imagine, Disney enthusiasts put away over 9 million pounds of French Fries including 10 million hamburgers a year, even Wimpy has nothing over that crowd!

Not to many Disney adherents would have imagined that the castle that shimmers each Christmas, the center of wishes fireworks, and the centerpiece attraction for one of the most famous princesses, was really made out of fiberglass.

Next time you take Expedition Everest's to come face to face with the world's famous Yeti, remember that it would take the force of a 747 jet liner to moves his arm while you are haplessly riding up a 200 ft incline on the tallest attraction at Walt Disney World Resort.

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