Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Gatorland Screamin’ Gator Zipline

So I heard the new Screamin’ Gator Zipline course was just put in at Gatorland, an overlooked theme park in the Central Florida area the really deserves more attention. Gatorland has hundreds of Florida alligators and even crocodiles from all around the world. I even overheard one of the employees saying that the crocodiles they have in captivity will be nearly sixteen feet long by the end of this year! But the alligators aren’t really what I am here to talk about; it’s the new addition of zip lines to the theme park!

First they sit you down in a square room, right next to all your future equipment. They show you an instructional video that explains the ten safety measures that they have put in place to ensure that everything is safe. I kind of figured that once we were on the tower most of these rules would be neglected or even bypassed, but they enforced them all and were acutely aware of when they were being broken. They have two rules there, safety first and have fun, and I can assure you I did!

The new zip line course features five separate “Jumps” or “Zips” that will take you from tower to tower. All over the park now you can see these massive towers strung together by steel cables. At my first jump the only thing going through my mind was “Why am I leaving this perfectly good tower for a small steel cable?” But I can assure you it was good fun, in fact by the last one I was reaching speeds of thirty miles an hour.

It seems to me like the first three jumps were preparation for the last. There is 1200 feet of cable for you to traverse, and the last one is five hundred feet long, which means it is the longest of jumps! Not to mention it goes directly over their alligator breeding zone which houses anywhere between thirty to fifty alligators at a time. But I don’t think you will be paying that much attention to the gators; because it is a seven story jump and you will want to do anything but look down.

I will definitely be going back; this was an awesome adventure that I really enjoyed! Best of all at the end you can buy pictures of yourself flying over the theme park! I looked like a really beginner, but it was all in good fun! I will definitely be coming back here to do this again; I gotta get a more creative shot of me going down the line!


  1. How much time would you say to leave in your schedule to do this? Is there more to gator land than the zip line? Thanks!

  2. Gatorland is actually considered to be the best half day theme park in the Central Florida area. The Zipline course took roughly two hours to complete with nine people. The less people in the group the faster the course will be, because you have to wait for other group members to take their turns. So plan to spend a good portion of your day at the theme park, while still having time at the end of the day for some good Central Florida night-time entertainment.