Saturday, July 23, 2011

Halloween Horror Nights Announcement

Halloween Horror Nights
I am not a major horror fan. When I was younger, I had my issues with horror movies, so I am very choosy. I can definitely count with two hands the horror movies I’ve seen. But one that stood out for me is “The Thing”, which I heard is getting its Hollywood remake this October. My personal way to rate if the movie is horrifically good is for the nights of unsettled sleep I have, (sounds funny, but its true!)

The images from this movie come in a rapid-pace one after the other. From the Arctic expedition going into a desolated scientific lab, to the dog in the cage, the alien who can get into all breathing thing, to the final confrontation…scary thing as hell! Three days of nights where I thought “the thing” will get into my skin and transformed me into a monster! Sounds hilarious now, but for a 10 year old you can bet your spider-man undies that it was darn scary!

Now back to balmy hot Florida 2011, 38 year old me is thrill with the idea of seeing the movie again. After a few impressive horror movies like the Saw series, to “I spit on your grave” to Cesar Romero’s Zombie movies, I am really wanna see what the remake will bring from the original.

However, since the movie is distributed by Universal, what better way to tie-in and add advertisement than to include as a major component of its Universal Studios Florida incredibly awesome Halloween Horror Nights in its 21st edition.

Jim Timon, senior vice-president of Entertainment at Universal Orlando says:
“Having recreated well known horror films in the past, the same level of attention to detail has gone into creating a house experience that will completely immerse guests into the storyline and environment of ‘The Thing,”

And the press release says as follow:

“The new haunted house will offer guests an unprecedented first-hand preview of the much-anticipated thriller in advance of its October 14 release. Guests will find themselves in a series of face-to-face encounters with “The Thing,” an alien creature that can transform itself into an exact replica of any living being. “The Thing” haunted house will recreate the spine-chilling suspense from the film, confronting guests with the paranoia and fear that comes from being trapped inside the film’s Antarctic Thule station.“

Well, for you hordes of horror fans and adrenaline junkies, here’s something to look for during September 23rd to October 31st. with the tag “Luck will run out” certainly many of you will roll the dice for this incredible experience that only Universal Studios Florida’s often replicated never duplicated Halloween’s Horror Nights can bring!

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