Friday, July 8, 2011

Miniature Golf: Disney Style

Are you looking to do something fun, that rises your competitive side, makes you feel like Tiger Woods (back in the days when he was really good!), and yet you don’t have to sweat a handicap of 80?

Well, there’s good news! Orlando offers a great variety of mini-golf places. Walt Disney World in Orlando offers great entertainment for the mini-golfer enthusiasts:

Fantasia Gardens Miniature Golf CourseFantasia Gardens Miniature Golf Course, which is located near the Epcot Resort Area. Consist of 2 different courses that are unique and fun for the entire family! The first one, named Fantasia Gardens, like the name implies has as decoration many of the incredibly funny characters that fills the movie Fantasia. How would you feel reaching out to your mini-green and walking thru marching broomsticks, or Hippos Ballerinas, and who wouldn’t laugh and have a good time with a decoration of a pirouetting gators! Don’t forget to try to make a hole-in-one in the “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” where you can see Mickey in one of his iconic looks! Be careful as well, there are many nice “surprises” with water effects that will be a delight with the little ones. This one is for the rookies and beginners. The second one, named Fantasia Fairways, is for the skilled mini-golfers in the family. Offers many seriously wicked and exaggerated contours with “diabolical” (back with the Fantasia theme of the golf course) sand traps. The sight of the Tower of Terror looming in the back and names for the holes like Ballet of Bunkers, Ave Maria, and others will kinda be spooky and incredibly fun!

Winter Summerland Miniature Golf CourseWinter Summerland Miniature Golf Course, which is a whimsical take on the theme that a huge Blizzard filled Florida and then Santa made his vacation spot for all his elves and Mrs Claus. You’ll feel like is Christmas 360-days of the year! In the first course, fittingly named Winter Course, You’ll see decorations around the holes with Santa, the elves and some of your favorite Disney characters in their traditional winter-y attire. This is pure fun for the entire family, including the little ones. There would be surprises for them as well, so watch out if you see Squirty (Disney love those cute little fun names!), he’ll sprays water when golf balls pass beneath him! The second, Summer Course, it’s more according to the sunshine state. Sandcastles, surfboards, ornaments hanging from a palm tree, which will add to the fun and make for photo-wonderful memories to the entire family! Don’t forget that when you sink the ball on the 18-hole, you’ll get the chance to get a special greeting by Santa himself! And certainly don’t missed the opportunity to take a picture of yourself and your family sitting in Santa’s sledge!

What incredible fun awaiting to the entire family! In one of those days that you are using your water park tickets, or you are using one day to relax from the theme parks, come to any of the mini-golf courses in Disney and you’ll have an awesome time!

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