Friday, July 15, 2011

Blue Man Group

Blue Man GroupNow I have been to Blue Man Group before, but I enjoyed it so much it was high time I took my family to see it! So I purchased all four tickets from GreatOrlandoDiscounts, would you believe they are almost twenty dollars cheaper than at the theme park? So off we set to see the show down at City Walk.

It really surprised me how much new content there was; I mean it felt like a whole new show to me. It opens with the three blue men coming on stage, no big surprise there, but then they launched into some hilarious comedic acts that I have never seen before. They had me laughing so hard I could barely breathe in no time at all. It amazes me how funny they can be without any of them speaking.

Then they started doing tricks, one of them painted a spinning canvas, and then he sets it on a podium and puts a price under it. At first he places a 10$ sign under it, then he puts a 100$ sign before finally stopping at 10,000$.

They even called one of my family up on stage. They sat her down at a table and began to eat Twinkies with her, then they spewed the food all over the table out of little holes on their shoulder. A trick I am still trying to figure out! I couldn’t help but laugh the entire time; it was so sudden and unexpected.

Blue Man Group is definitely my favorite show; I haven’t even given you a glimpse of the hilarity and comedy in the show, not the mention all the really awesome music, light shows and even a toilet paper… experience? Its something you gotta do if you are on vacation, and even more if you live in Central Florida!

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