Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sea World Orlando

Sea World OrlandoNow a few months back I wrote a blog about visiting Sea World on an afternoon to ride the roller coasters. But the short time I was there didn’t offer me much opportunity to see all the shows at the park, and to tell you the truth that’s probably the best part about the theme park. Most theme parks have shows that feature two or three people acting out a show, combined with special effects and audience participation you leave smiling. But here at Sea World the shows are incredible; I mean you leave in total awe.

The first show you absolutely need to go see is inside the massive stadium, something you can’t possibly miss. The name of the show has changed over the years, but it is currently called “One Ocean” and is a must see for anyone visiting the park. This great show is where you will find the popular Shamu doing incredible stunts. It always surprises me how high these massive killer whales can jump. The most amazing of stunts you will see though is when a trainer rides the nose of a killer whale that swims to the bottom of the massive pool, and then heads straight for the surface launching the trainer straight into the air. I swear they must fly five stories high!

Another great show at the park is Clyde and Seamore take Pirate Island. Most of the shows at the theme park showcase the animal’s physical abilities, but here you get to see some of their intelligence. These incredible animals will have you laughing the entire time; at least they have me laughing the entire time. It is definitely a comedy, with great jokes and comical pirates you just have to go see it while you are here.

Finally there is Sea World’s newest addition to the theme park, something I got to see for the first time. It combines incredible stunts by dolphins with incredible acrobatics by Sea World trainers. With music and special effects including flying characters and a storyline that follows the dream of a young girl this is really one show I have to suggest for you. I raise my cup to you Sea World, this was a great addition.

There are more shows and attractions at Sea World, I just told you about a few. So if you are planning a trip to Sea World I haven’t spoiled everything. But in my opinion these are three shows you absolutely have to go see if you visit!

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