Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Discovery Cove's Dolphin Swim

Discovery Cove's Dolphin SwimSo I have visited SeaWorld twice in the last few months and every time I went I kept thinking about the Discovery Cove right next door. Believe it or not with all the time I have lived here I have never been there. The big deal with Discovery Cove is that you get to swim with bottle nosed dolphins, something I was pretty excited about when I decided me and my wife should go. Now the thing about getting discounted tickets to Discovery Cove is that you have to do it in advance, because they only let so many people into the water on certain dates. Otherwise there would be five hundred people in the water and only three dolphins.

So we got up bright and early and drove out to Discovery Cove for our big day. Now the dolphin swim is a half hour experience, so there is more to do at the park when you are done. But for this blog, I am going to tell you about the dolphins. When you first arrive they fit you a wet suit, because the water is freezing cold and trust me, you want the wet suit. If you didn’t bring a wetsuit they let you buy one from the gift shop, which probably costs more than I make in a year.

Anyway once you get out to the water they instruct you on what you can and can’t do. Then you wade into the water and they call the dolphins over. You get to spend some time rubbing them and touching them before they tell you that you can swim out further. From there the trainers help you interact with the dolphins while in the water. Probably the coolest part is when they let you grab hold of a dolphin’s dorsal fin for a ride back to shore. Just a neat little trick they taught the animals.

At the end we bought a picture of us with the dolphins, just something to prove we had been in the water with them. The Dolphin Swim is definitely something I would suggest for people visiting the area. It’s a great vacation experience; I would definitely do it again if I had the chance.

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