Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Disney's Halloween Part One

Disney's Not So Scary Halloween PartyChildren across the globe and across the nation await the month of October. During this month many countries celebrate what many calls: All Saint's Day, Noche de Brujas/Dia das Bruxas (Spanish and Portuguese for Night of the Witches), Yue Lan (Chinese for Festival of the Hungry Ghosts); something interesting is that the Norfolk islands doesn't celebrate Christmas but they do celebrate the second Tuesday of December the party that in North America receives the name of Halloween.

In this party children dresses up and utter the familiar "Trick or Treat!" phrase in which the house-holder gives many candies to the kids, if not kids will be playing tricks! Another staple of this party is that many houses are decorated with effigies of ghosts or witches or cemetery with headstones baring interesting and often funny quotes. this has created an industry that during this month spends approximately $6.9 billion annually!

This hasn’t escape the sights of one of the biggest brands for family entertainment, Walt Disney World. In Magic Kingdom, the number one theme park visited in the world, Disney has its special event that celebrate this party. they have called it "Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party"!

This year, like in many past ones, the park has added touches here and there to make the entire party be extra special and one treat of a lifetime for the many who will enjoy this annual event. The event will take place between Tuesday September 13th - Tuesday November 1st on selected nights.

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