Monday, August 22, 2011

Pirates Dinner Adventure New Show!

The food at Pirates Dinner AdventureSo not a lot of information about this is out yet, but rumor has it that the Pirates Dinner Adventure in the Orlando area is changing their show! Now I have taken the kids to this great dinner show in the past, and we always enjoyed. So, I can’t wait to see what the newest additions or changes are! Pirates Dinner Adventure is one of the few shows in the area that really gets the kids involved.

In fact I can’t tell you how many times my kids have spent their week pretending to be pirates after spend a night at the show. The rumors were verified for me when I visited their website. Their show page says “Now in celebration of our fifteenth year anniversary in Orlando we’ve brought you a brand new show – The Curse of Poseidon’s Treasure!” This is exciting; I have to get the kids together for another visit!

What sets the Pirates Dinner Show aside from the other shows in the area is stage… or ocean? Let me explain. In the center of the room is a massive 300,000 gallon pool, the perfect ocean for this high seas adventure. In the center of the pool is one of the biggest ships I have ever seen, the perfect stage for awesome sword fights and action! But what people want to really know is whether or not the food is good. Well you can rest assured that you will not be disappointed. We really like the food here; they serve gourmet chicken and pork as well as all that great American food for the kids!

If you are looking for a dinner show to visit in the Central Florida area then this is a great choice. If you get there before me you have to tell me how good the new show is. I plan on getting down there soon and seeing The Curse of Poseidon’s Treasure!

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