Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Scorpion at Busch Gardens

The Scorpion at Busch GardensSo I was recently reading about a new roller coaster that was just put up over seas when I read that its one of three of its kind. So naturally they listed where the other ones were located and it just so happens that one of the roller coasters was in Tampa at the Busch Gardens theme park. The coaster is the Scorpion, and even though I can’t thoroughly explain what sets it aside from other roller coasters I just had to go back and try it.

The Scorpion has this really unique design between the cart and the track that keep it from shaking. Very few people realize that a cart shakes as you go down the track because their often thinking about the giant loops coming up or the inversions they just whipped through. So when it comes to how smooth a coaster is it usually doesn’t end up at the top of someone’s list. But since it isn’t like I ride a roller coaster every day I had to do a little experiment.

Since Busch Gardens is home to over twelve separate roller coasters I decided I would take the family and enjoy a day at the park. At the end of the day, after riding all the other roller coasters, we would go on the Scorpion. By that time I would be able to tell the difference and compare. So we road both the Gwazi coasters, the Kumba, the Montu, the SheiKra and even the new Cheetah Hunt… which was awesome! Finally at the end of the day we headed over the Scorpion, which had a very short line. I noticed almost instantly as we rounded the first bend the difference. You have to pay attention the Scorpion feels like riding a wave, it is smooth and sleek!

So my little experiment got me a full day of roller coasters at the theme park. If it wasn’t for these discounted tickets we wouldn’t be able to visit the parks as often as we do! Even though Busch Gardens is in Tampa and about an hour away from the Orlando area it’s a definite investment. Then you can tell me what you think of the Scorpion!

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